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CIEH Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate for Manufacturing, Catering or Retail

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Food Safety Level 2 in Catering

Food Safety Level 2 in Manfacturing

Food Safety Level 2 in Retail

Formerly known and referred to as the "Basic Food Hygiene", this online Award in Food Safety follows the most up to date National Standards, which were introduced in 2006. This legistlation affects all sectors and individuals in the Food Industry be it Manufacturers, Caterers or Retailers.

A Level 2 Food Safety Course should be undertaken by those who prepare and handle high risk food, or food which is ready to eat. For example a chef or food handlers in the Manufacturing and Retail sectors.

Under the new Food Hygiene Regulations, anyone who has a business who has a business which prepares, handles or sells food must make sure food is safe to eat. There are a number of things that companies and individuals must do:-

  • Register the company with the Local Authority.
  • Complete a Company Registration Form.
  • Make sure all staff undertake Food Hygiene Training.

All of those individuals who handle ready to eat foods, and high risk foods, should undertake the Food Safety Level 2 Award.

Who should do a Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety Course?

  • Those who handle high risk foods i.e. food that is ready to eat. A good example of this is somebody making sandwiches or a chef/cook in a kitchen.
  • Members of staff who are responsible for managing people involved in food preperation. For example supervisors.

Sometimes simple foods, for example sandwiches, can be confused as being low risk foods. In fact Sandwiches, Paninis, Burgers etc. are ready to eat foods and are therfore High Risk. Individuals preparing this type of food should undertake Level 2 Food Safety Training.

Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety Course Overview

The Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety Course are made up of 5 modules:-

  • The importance of food safety.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Safe cleaning and use of chemicals.
  • Food safety hazards.
  • Temperature control and safe food storage.

Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety Course Assessment

The content of this course will take approximately 2 and a half hours to complete, there is an end test of 30 questions, of which 20 (66%) must be answered correctly to enable the user to print their CIEH Certificate from their PC.

Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety Course Certificate

Your CIEH certificate can be printed once you have successfully passed the assessment. The CIEH certificate can then be validated by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.
QR scanning process

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